Monday, December 22, 2008


Snow storm! Blizzard warning!
So I go to look out the back door and this is the sight that greets me.

The street with the lights is one of the main streets in the city. Barely cleared. The problem is that the snow is very light and fluffy, and the wind is very strong, so once the plows go by the wind move the snow right back into the void left behind.

Here's the driveway. Hmm. Shoveling fun!
Snow. Snow. Snow. And our street that hasn't yet been plowed. And probably won't be plowed for a while.

The back yard. And on the right of the photo, the other side of the back door. Covered in snow.

And I just realized that this is post 501 for one thread two thread! I feel like I should give something away.

Any one want some snow?


B said...

no thanks, I have some. :D

Anonymous said...

I agree,that's a lot of snow.

Things you can do with snow, let me count the ways. You can look at it,take some amazing pictures, make snowbanks, slide downhill, ski downhill, cross country ski, go snowmobiling, shovel it,blow it,get stuck in it, melt it to water plants,play in it,make snow angels in it, leave your foot prints in it, track animals, roll snow balls to make snowmen and snow sculptures, clean your hand made wool hooked rugs with it by beating them in the snow,yup, that's how we were told to clean them, you can pour hot thick maple syrup to harden in it. I am sure that there are many other uses for lots of snow.Those who do not appreciate the snow goes down South for the winter.


Christine said...

Thanks, we've got lots of snow already. :)

It is really nice to be indoors today. With some homemade chicken soup, and a fire crackling, I feel all warm and cozy at home today. Yes indeed, I am very glad that I am not traveling in that.

Teyani said...

hey - it looks just like home! Are you sure that you don't live right down the street from me ?

Dave Daniels said...

You have the most monumental snows up your way. The photo at the top, of the door, says it all! Stay warm.

Christine said...

Yes, I want your snow. It's just cold down here in Northern Virginia. What's cold without snow?

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

Did someone ask for a white Christmas? Wasn't you? Well don't send anymore this way either. We got enough of what you had left over this last time, LOL.

Merry Christmas!

ICQB said...

I'll take some snow! We've had it cold here for a few days, like 0 degrees F with negative wind chills, but for Christmas Eve and Christmas day? Forty degrees and rain.

Stay warm! And take it easy with the shoveling. And Happy Holidays!

DaviMack said...

Good grief! You must be terribly cold, to have the snow not be wet at all! I've never encountered that before, and I can't say I think I'm missing out!

mira's papa said...

@ DaviMack

She's not cold. We're used to this kind of snow, and I keep her warm. :-)