Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's been a while

Life has been rather busy for me as of late and many areas in my life have suffered from neglect. House cleaning is definitely one as is the blog. I have been making, working, taking classes, as well as trying to keep up with the day to day stuff like laundry, dishes, meal preparations, grocery shopping....well, you get the picture. This time of year is always hectic, and this year has been the worst in as long as I can remember. I have been weaving quite a bit and a lot of what I produced this year has left the house and my hands without having the proper documentation. Yup. That means no pictures. Lighting is always an issue for me and pictures are either right colour but blurry, or in focus and washed out. The scarf below is a good case in point. It was a commission from a friend whose husband liked my work, but wanted something darker. It is actually a midnight blue.
I hope to have something figured out in the new year so that I can actually start taking some half decent pictures. It is starting to become more and more important. I have decided that I am finished with my weekly market and while I am still going to sign up for three (or four) craft shows next year, I would also like to start to have a outlet online to start selling. Bad time to start talking about a new venture, but Etsy seems like it is a pretty inexpensive place to begin.

And while I haven't been taking many pictures, someone has been using my camera. It has a panoramic setting and the only thing that I recognise is Liam's bed and the Lego containers under it. What is happening in the first two thirds is anybodies guess.

And I have officially finished producing for the year. The tree that normally sits where the Christmas tree is, is where my loom normally sits and my loom is folded up and jammed in behind it.
Last year, Mamoo bought a second artificial tree in the after Christmas sale season, thinking that she would like to set one up in the sun room (I think). This year she decided that she wouldn't bother and offered it to me. The kids put up a fuss about wanting a real tree and I put up a fuss about finding fir needles in strange places all the way into the summer. And since I like to think that I live in a Momocracy, I over ruled everyone and accepted the tree. It was so quick and easy to put up. It even came with lights on it! Whoever decided to string up the trees with lights before selling them was a genius! It took about 4 minutes to set up the tree (after spending 4 hours getting the living room ready) and then I walked away and the kids took over.

I think they did a pretty good job. Now if I could just convince them to not put themselves under the tree.....


Anonymous said...

You've almost survived. It's very nearly done. I have faith. :D

And my house is likely way more gross than yours. Notice me not saying "Hey, Jackie, come look at what's growing in my kitchen."


Nicole was amazing this morning!

~Sarah, not logged in

Dave Daniels said...

BEAUTIFUL scarf, and the detail shows nicely.
Etsy is a good place to start selling, to get your feet wet, and see what the interest is in your work. You can always branch out to your own site down the line, but it's a good start.

DaviMack said...

Glad to see you back up here! Hope you have a delightful Christmas!

mira's papa said...

One thing you forgot to mention in the fall madness was the 305 jars of preserves. Of course it did start back in late summer, but it seemed like we were doing preserves for a very long time this year. On the plus side, those preserves are well loved by all who eat them, both at home and by those who receive them as gifts.

Anonymous said...

See, we have not abandoned checking your blog Jackie. Every day we checked and hoped that you would return, knowing that you were VERY BUSY, always hoping that we would connect one day and today we finally did.
Well I am glad that the pace is somewhat slowing down for you Jackie and hope that you can soon recover from all that was left undone.
The scarf looks lovely and the kids did a remarkable job decorating the tree. I am glad that I did not start World War III with offering the artificial tree, knowing that you always used a real fir tree.
I thought that the lights were a plus too. And I justify using an artificial tree in my home as saving one real tree from being wasted and it is always ready when I am ready to put it up.

Wishing everyone a safe MERRY CHRISTMAS


DaviMack said...

Our favorite tree was a wee one we cut from the side of the road. It had been tagged by the Forestry Service because it was too close to the road, so we simply cut it for them. It was so much like the Charlie Brown tree it wasn't funny, particularly when we made our own ornaments ... out of Sculpey Clay. :)