Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ant behaviour Continues....

Bill took Mira and Liam out to the garden today to do some picking.

You can see most of the harvest below. There was cukes, basil, beets, tomatoes, broccoli, and peppers.

Here is a photo just for David. Who asked about my peppers. Tomorrow most of these will become pickles peppers. Makes me sort of wonder if they are a peck. Anybody know how much a peck is?
Mira decided to celebrate the lovely harvest with a tomato sandwich from a tomato with one slice.

On the agenda for tomorrow are bread and butter pickles, maybe more dills, perhaps another batch of Lady Ashburnham pickles , and pickled peppers of many different sorts. Time depending, I may even get a batch of salsa in too!


Anonymous said...

Lovely colorful harvest.

I hope that Mira shared her tomato with her siblings. That is some tomato.


mira's papa said...

A peck is a quarter of a bushel, or 8 US quarts. I think we may have picked a peck of peppers (in the whole), but after they are chopped up the volume will reduce a bit and we may be a bit short of a peck. In any case, Peter Piper wasn't there to help us anyway. Persistent papa picked the peck of pickled peppers.

TadMack said...

From Russ Rowlett's How Many? A Dictionary of Units of Measurement

peck (pk): a traditional unit of volume, formerly used for both liquids and solids but now used mostly for dry commodities such as grains, berries, and fruits. A peck is 2 gallons, 8 quarts, or 1/4 bushel. In the U. S. customary system, a peck holds 537.605 cubic inches or approximately 8.8098 liters. In the British imperial system, a peck is a little larger, holding 554.84 cubic inches or approximately 9.0923 liters. The word "peck", originally spelled "pek", comes from the name of a similar old French unit; the origin of the French unit is not known.

(In other words, I have no idea.)

If you have green tomatoes left, you'll have to make some fruit mince. Man, I really miss having garden goodies! And speaking of ant behavior, I always love how the cukes bring in so many ants. You can wash things on the porch, and still end up with extra "visitors" around the house this time of year!

Enjoy, enjoy.

DaviMack said...

You know, that last tomato - the single slice making a sandwich - it's veggies like that which will draw us back to North America!

You guys are such incredible gardeners! Thanks for the pictures!