Friday, November 16, 2007

Would you just make up your mind

Hi, remember me? From the land of ice and snow a few days ago. I get up this morning and check to see what is in store for me weather wise and I can't help but note that it is 17 C. That would be 62 F. This following on the heels of snow that stuck around for 24 hours plus. It is suppose to get colder during the day and end up being just below freezing by bedtime.

So my big question is, what layers do I put on today so that I don't melt this morning, or freeze tonight on the way home? Did I mention the heavy rain that we are suppose to get between now and then?

Weaving progress.....

First two shawls fringed and washed
Third shawl cut off and fourth shawl ready to weave as soon as my weft dries
Second chenille scarf almost finished weaving
New mixed yarn warp in pinks and reds ready to go on the home loom as soon as the chenille comes off.

And for no other reason than they are really cute, here are some yearling alpaca's at Legacy Lane Fiber Farm.


TadMack said...

Wee alpacas are all neck!

We are getting your rain, methinks. It's absolutely mucky here, and FREEZING cold. Of course, this is the weekend we're going castle-haunting. C'est la vie.

Let us know when you make Kansas' Carrot Cake Jam. That's up there on our list of must-makes! Along with finishing several knitting projects... after a lot more 'real' work... sigh.

Anonymous said...

My, but those critters are very cute.

Kansas A said...

A bikini and a parka! LOL LOL

DaviMack said...

Many layers ... and a nice, big backpack to put them in. :)