Thursday, August 03, 2006

Residency # 3

I'm back! We spent a week at the lake, which is about an hour north of Fredericton. No broadband there. Just dial up. And the internal modem thingy in the laptop I use is broken. But here I am, back (for the time being) and willing to let you in on a few changes.

Residency #3 is going well. Thanks to residency # 1 I have many dyed warps ready to go. I started yesterday and have woven off one full warp of three scarves. Unfortunately, due to mis-measurement, One of the scarves turned out a bit shorter than I would like. This will require a bit of rearrangement on the part of the length of the remaining scarves from my other dyed warps. The warps were all the same length.

We have changed locations too. I am now at the York-Sunbury Museum in downtown Fredericton. Traffic is much improved, although not as much as the FAA residency at the casemates. I actually enjoy talking to people, and I enjoy educating the public as to what goes into a hand-dyed, hand-woven scarf. A big part of the purpose of the residencies is to do a bit of public education, so that people don't experience sticker shock. I charge quite a bit for my products, although not as much as I would if I were in a larger urban centre, where people are more willing to pay larger amounts of handcrafted things. Fredericton is funny that way.

As for pictures....sorry. Maybe later. My kingdom for a camera!

We will be darting back and forth between home and cooler waters for the next few weeks, so I hope that I will be able to post more often.

Thanks for reading, and may a cool breeze find you. I know that I'm hoping for one!


Leigh said...

Hi Jackie! It was great to read your update. I'm glad things are going well for you. It's been a long time since I did any demonstrating, but the more I did it the better my spinning presentation got. I began to know what questions to anticipate and what kind of information to present. I hope your scarves sell like hotcakes; they are so pretty everyone should want one!

Anonymous said...

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