Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy thanksgiving

I am, as I mentioned before, Canadian, and there for celebrated my thanksgiving some time ago, but I find that I have a lot to be thankful for and so just wanted to piggy back on our southern neighbors holiday. I think that I will cook a turkey on Saturday and then I will have even more girth with which to be thankful.

My Two year old has learned a new trick. She now will remove her diaper by herself when it is full of oooey gooey gushie smelly stuff, and then come and tell me that she needs a new diaper. So far the consequences have been very minor. Any attempts to toilet train have met with absolute resistance. She is stubborn like her father. Things should be interesting from here on out.

I got an e-flyer in my mail box this morning from a yarn company in Canada and I was shocked to see the price of chenille both cotton and rayon. It was about $30 per pound! Is this a normal price? I bought a basket full at the traveling yarn guy sale for $6 per pound for cotton and $10 per pound for rayon. I found out when they came through town this year the chenille yarn that they were selling was the end of stock from a mill that went out of business a few years ago. Alas they sold most of it and are only left with a few ugly colors. I knew that their prices were a good deal but I had no idea how much of a deal! IN any case I just took some rather manly scarves off my loom. No picts yet thought. No camera. Christmas is comming and a gal can always hope that Santa finds her. I will also have to figure out how to post the pictures too. Hmmm.

We had our first snow that stayed over night. It is only a few cm but there it is. We are however suppose to get some rain later on this afternoon so I great hopes that it will are go away.

My seed catalogue arrived yesterday! It is always so exciting to see new flowers and the new strains of veggies. This year Stokes has a purple carrot! Yes indeed, a purple carrot. Who knew? I have not yet had a chance to do anything more than take a quick glance. The ordering shall wait until the Christmas holidays.

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