Tuesday, November 29, 2005

ain't life like that?

The turkey was great! It hoped on Saturday and we all got stuffed. Excecpt for the turkey. The dressing gets cooked separately in my house. Don't ask my why. It's just the way that my mom did it and so here I blindly follow suit.
Saturday was also the 6/49 draw. And for the first time ,I didn't play the tag. So guess what? If I would have payed my one dollar, I could have won $10. I'm glad that it wasn't $100,000. That would have really sucked.
Sunday was a nice day here. We had a spare kid over so out they went to play. Great! Peace and quiet for a little while, or at least as peaceful as a house can be while harboring a live 2 year old. When they came in, they were soaked and muddy so into the washing machine go the coats and snowpants. Then into the dryer go the very wet coats and snowpants. About 10 pm , hubby and I are chatting and I decide to get a bag of chips out of the back shed which I refer to as "cold storage". It also houses the dryer. Lo and behold ! The dryer has stopped! I'll get those dry coats out and hang them up by the front door so they are ready for the kids to grab them on the way to school in the morning. Hmmm. This one seems a little damp. And holy shit! This one is soaked! Soaked as in dripping. I'll just start the dryer again. No I won't it won't start! ARRRGGGHHHH! My dryer is broken! This is...this is... This Sucks! Thankfully I had just finished doing ALL of the laundry in the house for the first time in about a month, well maybe two weeks. But I cannot live with out a dryer for more than 2 days. 4 kids and all.
And then last night I was suppose to teach a workshop on temari, not like I'm an expert or anything. It takes about 70 years to become a master in Japan and I just don't have the time. I might get good at it , but I will never be great. In any case, My workshop was suppose to go last night, but due to slippery roads and the distance that some people had to travel, it was decided by the hosting group to postpone. Until January 30. No Christmas money from that quarter. But I do have a couple of craft shows coming up this week. Maybe there will be some funds coming in there.
On the bright side, I washed and clipped about 10 scarves last night while watching a movie. So they are ready for tags. Some of them were woven this summer during my artist in residence series that I did for a local fiber group that I belong to. They are all so different. Some are silk, some mixed warps, some chenille ( the really cheap stuff I mentioned before, or maybe I should say inexpensive) One is a rayon and silk mixed warp that was hand dyed in blues and greens. It is stunning if I do say so my self. I suppose that I should take some pictures of them before I put them up for sale. Just in case they sell. I hope.
I have another two scarves on the loom that should be coming off with in the next 24 hours. Two more chenille ones. I have stared to try and make some "manly" scarves. I have had people ask for them before for Christmas presents. Or maybe I should be saying "Holiday" presents. I thing the whole debate is silly because the Christians stole the holiday from the pagans in the first place. It was originally the time to celebrate the winter solstice. When the days start getting longer. Now that is something to celebrate. I don't know if gift giving was involved, but I am pretty sure that there was no fat guy in a red suit. He is banned from our house anyway. I decided early on that I wasn't going to lie to my kids, so no Santa, or Easter bunny, or tooth fairy. Do you think that I am a cruel mommy? Others have said as much to me. People get offended over the silliest thing. Kind of like the "Holiday Tree" debate that has been raging lately.

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Dudleyspinner's Tie Dye Rovings said...

very educational entry to the contest! I am learning alot why wool is so great. I am going to have a hard time choosing a winner in the wool contest. The acrylic entries amount up to what acrylic is worth in my book, not much effort for not much yarn.

Do you know Liz and Kate also from Freddy NB? I have links to their blogs on mine. I always told my kids that santa was only real in your heart.