Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blanket Weaving Workshop 2013

Just to let you all know that I am once again teaching a blanket weaving workshop as part of edventures. This year it is July 9-13. The hours are 9-12 and 1-4, although I have been known to stay a little later if someone needs to catch up a little bit. This is a perfect workshop for beginners or someone who is a little rusty.

I am also doing a week long workshop on Overshot Weaving. This one runs July 30- August 3. We will be doing name drafts on a computer and then weaving our designs. Name drafts are when you take a name, word, or phrase and by giving the letters a numeric value of 1-4, use the numbers to create a pattern. Sounds complicated, but is not. I think that it is one of the most fun things that you can do on a loom!

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