Monday, July 04, 2011

Summer Studio

Seeing as it is officially summer, and summer generally means that we are going to spend a bit of time at the lake, and seeing as the official list of "ToDo's" is much, much, much shorter at the lake (at least for me), This year I decided to move a bit of my studio there. My little Dorset loom folds up to be quite small and seeing as space is at a premium at the lake, it is a perfect fit. When I want to weave, I open it up and set it up on the porch.

On the weekend I manged to warp up and weave off 4 silk scarves. I have three more warps ready to go and if I keep up this production level I will need to make and dye some more warps. And soon!
And the view is spectacular.


Julia said...

You are being very productive Jackie.Having the loom is such a nice idea. The lake looks so inviting.

Christine said...

I can hardly wait to visit you!

Dave Daniels said...

I am so jealous and envious of your beautiful Dorset and the wonderful view. And the Canadian brew in the snuggie to keep it cold. All of it is summer wonderful.